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March 26, 2013
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(Germany x Reader)

She was strong, but she was alone. She stood tall, but never felt so low. Her people were bold, but separate.

It was centuries ago when she was born-no-created. If there had not been a name, the others would simply call her by the most obvious trait she held.


Years had worn her and the others betrayed her. Trust was not an ability she had anymore. A past of pain wrecked her memory and heart.

It was a war that changed the innocence of a child into the cold ruthless adult she was now. Countless countries had tried to claim her for their own and use her for a way to overcome the others. When she rejected any authority, it caused a bit of tension.

The wars raged on as the people within her began to question the country itself. A revolution bubbled up as she was distracted with international problems. She was weak and vulnerable to all.

Until one day.

She carefully rose up and ended all. With an iron fist she crushed all revolts and any invading countries as well as begin to invade until she was left alone.

Her reputation was not a kind one. In fact, most feared her more than the large and powerful Russia including Russia himself. The barrier created in the years of war reflected any ideas of harming the country in any way.

That country - that girl was you.

It wasn't until one day when a delicate letter came your way. Upon the paper was an invitation to a World Meeting. Attendance was important. It seemed like the letter was actually commanding for your participation.

Never the less, it seemed as though your presence could benefit the well-being of your people. After packing, the arrangements were set and anxiety set in for a long day with people who once tried to harm you.


No one spoke when you made your way into the room. Even those who normally were so loud and obnoxious seemed to clam up. Such a reaction was hurtful. It was their fault you were like this.

The empty pools where your eyes once presided were observing the various people whom began to stir. All was ready for the meeting to begin, but they all seemed hesitant. Except for one.

"Vhat are ve vaiting for?" An irritated German voice rang throughout the room. A quick glance revealed a large man with his hair slicked back. His icy blue eyes met with your own before averting back to a nervous American.

"Uh r-right then, dudes." His hands shook as he stood and began to speak. At first he seemed to be unsure, but quickly began rambling about a ridiculous plan that would 'totally work'. With little acknowledgement, the American let an insult tumble out that was directed towards the Brit by his side which enraged him entirely.

"Just who the bloody hell do you think you are?!" He spat as he stood and came to a close proximity to the man.

"Oh calm down Arthur~. I'm sure you wouldn't want to startle mon chéri here now would you?" A man with shoulder length blond hair leaned to his right to gently stroke the cheek of what seemed to be a Chinese man.

He jumped and tried to scurry away when the French man grabbed his leg and pulled him back.

"Ohonhonhon~" he laughed as the Chinese man grabbed hold of another which caused others to begin a fight. Everyone was in an argument over various unrelated subjects.

From the end of the room, the German was growing frustrated when it seemed as though none of the countries planned on stopping any time soon. He stood and was about to let out his anger when you had done the same. The only difference was you had beaten him to it.

You snatched a large metal pipe from the tall Russian and pitched it with all your strength into the adjacent wall. The pipe broke through into the concrete wall with an ear piercing noise. The Russia quickly shrank away and silence once again filled the room.

"Did I honestly come all this way to deal with listening to all your petty problems?! All of you are pathetic excuses for countries. In all honesty, none if you will last much longer since you all have the combined intelligence of that pipe in the wall and you all see where that is now!" Your face grew red with hatred filling your eyes as you made eye contact with each country who had once harmed you.

"If this is all you have to offer, then I will take my leave." You marched from the room with heat radiating from your being before arriving at a nearby destination-a park.

The serenity of the place was soothing. A park bench provided a place for resting with a pond only a few feet away. The sounds of rushing water cooled the nerves that had frayed from the earlier outburst. Ducklings waddled along behind their mother before approaching you and demanding to be fed.

Even these animals dealt with others better than you. You dug your hands into the pocket of the unwrinkled uniform and emitted a small plastic baggy. It held a few crackers and pretzels just in case hunger had surprised you.

"Here you go." You crumbled the few crackers and pretzels before tossing the mess into the water. The ducks bobbed their heads into the water and happily munched on the flavorless snacks.

"Vhat are you doing out here?" A low voice inquired from a distance that was not distant enough. You flung around grabbing whoever it was by the collar and hovering a fist near his nose.

"I could ask the same thing." You spat when you noticed it was Germany from the meeting. He held his hands in front of himself to display that he had no intentions of attacking.

"I'm not here to hurt you."

"Oh sure! If you knew how many times I've heard that and was stabbed in the back-"

"Bitte, just listen to vhat I have to say." He interrupted causing you a bit of anger.

"Why should I?" You adjusted your fingers that shaped the fist so he would notice the threat.

"Because I understand you more zhan you know." He gazed into your eyes with the most serious and genuine expression he could muster. A 'hmph' escaped your mouth as you tossed him onto the ground.

"We've never met before. How on Earth would you know anything about me?"

"You vere a popular subject in zhe meetings for a vhile," he explained noting the troubled expression. "I've also done a bit of research myself."

A bit of pink dusted its way across the German's face. Why had he come here? Why did he care? Was he unafraid of you?

"I know how you feel. You are alone und confused. People judge you because of your past und you don't-can't trust anyone," he stood and was now looming over you while gazing into the empty eyes that adorned your face. "You don't understand vhy zhey turned on you. Zhe feeling you have is not hate. It's just zhe child zhey hurt und attacked. Zhe feeling ist betrayal."

What? Your heart ached and your eyes began to itch. No! Tears would not be shed in front of this man!

"I made a mistake in mein past. I hurt people-so many people-und vhen I asked for forgiveness, I vas judged und turned away," the man turned away to hide his face. "People tried to hurt me, just as zhey hurt you… und some succeeded, so I built a vall to protect myself. It vasn't until I stumbled upon an idiot zhat it dawned on me who I vas."

"W-who?" You choked out not realizing your eyes had brimmed with water.

"Italy und, a bit later, Japan," a warm grin spread across his face as he thought about his friends. "Zhey didn't care about mein past. Zhey just cared about… me."

Your eyes drew downwards as you grew saddened by the thought. The tears finally spilled over and emotions ruled. You fell to the ground shaking. Why was there someone to help him, but no one was there for you?

Was there a wrong action that was not noticed before or God simply turned his head as the country suffered? The German kneeled and pulled you towards him into a hug. His large muscular arms radiated a comforting heat as emotions that were hidden for hundreds of year flowed forth.

"I vas lucky to have friends to trust… so vhen you feel like you're ready to trust anyone," Germany pulled away and held the sobbing girl at arm’s length. "All of us are here for you."

A genuine smile lit up your face before you nuzzled into his chest and let out anything that was still there while a warmth grew in your chest. This was the beginning of a new stage in life.

I am not entirely sure this makes sense... Well I thought it was cute so here it is! I also apologize for my overuse of pronouns and any grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy this bit of poorly written literature! :D

I only own the story! You and anything pertaining to Hetalia is not mine!
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This basically sums me up. My childhood was the same.
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