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December 17, 2013


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The Hero or the Villain
(America x Reader x 2p!America)
Part 1

It was a perfect spring morning which was wasted in the stuffy World Conference meeting room. Every so often a breeze would flow in through the open window, or at least it did until someone shut it. The meeting ensued as usual until America let an 'unintentional' insult directed towards his older brother tumble from his obnoxious mouth causing murmuring to arise. Something was wrong.

There was a certain Brit's voice missing amongst the others. It was bizarre for England to be missing especially without contacting someone ahead of time. America was silent for the first time in much too long. A few tried to call England, but when there was no answer everyone began to worry.

"Maybe he's running late?" You spoke up in a questioning manner. Germany shook his head in disbelief.

"Nein. Arthur ist too punctual to do that." He sighed shooting a look towards America for any other ideas. He held his thumb and index finger to his chin in thought before he shrugged.

"Maybe he finally got sick from all of that lame English food."

"What if he's dead?!" Italy screamed flailing his arms.

"Feliciano-" Germany cut in.

"He could be dead and we could be next! Germany! Germany-" Italy grabbed hold of Germany with all his strength and hiding behind him.

"He's not dead, Italy!" Ludwig shouted forcing the slender Italian into a cowering position.

You shot a glance towards your best friend who was now packing up his stuff. Before you could inquire on his intentions, he suddenly made his way onto the table and released a loud laugh.

"No need to fear! The hero will save the day with the help of his trusty sidekick!" He bellowed jumping from the piece of furniture and tossing you over his shoulder before making his way to his car. He ignored your cries for help or an explanation before placing you in the passenger seat.

"What the hell, Al?!" You shrieked as soon as he slammed his own door closed. He chuckled and cast a breath taking side glance towards you.

"Well, a hero can't go to battle without the best sidekick in the world." He mused with a smirk. You averted your eyes while grumbling about what an "adorable bastard" he was. He simply snickered without understanding what you were babbling about.

Arthur's home seemed unaffected from anything with the naked eye as Alfred pulled his car aside his brother's. With a spare key, you and Alfred attempted to unlock the front door only to discover it was still unlocked. You both entered immediately calling for the bushy browed Brit in hopes he would respond with his usual polite greeting to you and a quip his two cents for Alfred. Unfortunately, only an unusual silence ensued.

"Maybe we should split up." You suggested when there was no answer. Alfred nodded as you both covered more ground in the large home.

Eventually, you wandered into his personal library where he would spend a majority of his time. The room was vacant of any life, save for the ones between the pages and spines of paper lining the shelves, but no visible life. Upon his gigantic, intricately carved, mahogany desk was a lit lamp and several stacks of considerably aged books.

You meandered towards the conspicuous piles and found one particular book laying open, displaying its parchment with handwritten ink words in elegant script decorating the page. It was all written in Latin and therefore unreadable to you, but a few small diagrams captured your attention with their strange depictions.

A sudden crash of shattering glass pulled your attention from the bizarre pages before you as you placed the book back into its original setting. You cautiously made your way to the hallway and called to America.

"Alfred? Are you okay?" You inquired with circumspect. A sheepish laughter rang through your ears though slightly muffled by the walls separating you two.

"Totally dude. But on a completely unrelated note - how mad do you think England would be if one of his priceless teapots suddenly disappeared mysteriously?" You released a sigh and made your way to where Alfred was now pushing the shattered remains of an antique teapot beneath a small area rug with the toe of his shoe.

"Alfred." You called his attention when he failed to notice your presence. He jolted in surprise with a slight shriek. He immediately kicked the rug back into place and struck a "nonchalant" pose. His face flushed slightly as he averted his gaze and pretended to have just noticed you.

"Oh, hey. I didn't see you there." He forced a laugh.

"Now I know why Arthur won't leave you alone here." You rolled your eyes with a soft giggle. Alfred smiled and relaxed from the ridiculous pose he had committed to rather well. You left the room and into the front room with the American close behind.

Alfred seated himself on the sofa with an exaggerated sigh while you did the same beside him. From the corner of your eyes, you caught Alfred with the most adorable pout you'd ever seen as he tapped his chin in thought. A slight blush decorated your cheeks as you continued to gaze at the handsome nation.

"I have no idea where he could be hiding." Alfred admitted fully relaxing and closing his eyes slightly.

"Me neither," You agreed slowly leaning you head down so that it would rest against the crook of his neck. "It probably has something to do with all those books in Latin he has."

Before your head could rest on his shoulder and bask in the warmth of his body, he abruptly stood. You were knocked from him and onto your face, but eventually lifted yourself from the stiff cushion to gaze incredulously at the oblivious American. Was he truly this dense?!

"That's it! Those Latin books! He must be in his magic room!" Alfred exclaimed proudly. You huffed angrily as you cursed yourself for even speaking.

"Arthur has a magic room?" You lifted yourself from the sofa and followed Alfred as he raced down a few halls and toward a large ominous door. Alfred forced it open easily and survey the room with a strange karate inspired stance. He needed to lay off the movies for a while -

The room was only lit with dozens of candles placed in various places as well as in questionable shapes. A few were still lit and dribbled the wax across numerous books, papers, and tables. The main attraction, however, seemed to be the large elliptical figure of light on the adjacent wall. It radiated sparks of blue, pink, and green light with potential danger lingering in its proximity.

You and Alfred shared a suspicious glance before approaching the curious - thing. Within the structure seemed to be a wavering picture of the outdoors. It was too blurry to completely comprehend. Alfred reached a trembling hand towards the peculiar portal, but halted when a groan resounded throughout the dim chamber.

"Arthur?" You inquired stepping back and noticing a heap of black laying on the floor. It shifted and began to rise, but fell back to the floor with another groan. You ran to his side along with Alfred and uncover him from the pooling cloak he had adorned himself in. Arthur peered upwards through his glassy eyes and blinked a few times.

His usual messy, dirty blonde hair was blown backwards while ash decorated his pale skin. His cloak was singed quite a bit while it seemed Arthur had crashed into a few of his glass flasks. Some glass tinkled from within his locks of hair while blood trickled down his covered limbs and torso.

"Dude, you're okay! We thought you died!" Alfred grinned with a chuckle.

"You git - why are you laughing about that?!" He shot forwards to attack the grinning American when you intervened and pulled Arthur back to the floor. You sent Alfred to fetch the first aid kit within one of the cabinets.

You brought Arthur to as tool by the desk he had been working at when all this occurred, or at least that's what you had assumed due to the mass of broken glass, stained books, and spilled potions, but Arthur wasn't known for keeping his working spaces cleanly.

"What happened?" You inquired wiping Arthur's face with the sleeve of your shirt to remove the humorous amount of ash that had blown onto his entire being. Arthur sighed as he helped you pick glass shards from his hair.

"There was a slight explosion." Arthur shrugged. Alfred stepped into the room and laughed before handing you the first aid kit.

"Were you trying to cook again," Alfred teased. "It's a shame it didn't take some of those eyebrows off."

"Shut it!" Arthur cried chucking a paperweight in his direction. He missed resulting in a victorious laugh from his brother which seemed rather contagious as you couldn't help but release a slight giggle. Alfred smirked upon hearing your joining in, but Arthur simply huffed and allowed you to patch him up.

"So what were you doing, anyway?" You decided to change the subject.

"Well, I was actually attempting to test scientific theories while introducing a magic stimulus and record if the laws used to produce the theories would change, but I guess it resulted in - that bloody accident." Arthur shot a glare in the direction of the cause of his injuries.

"There. All patched up." You proclaimed lightly patting his arm.

"Thanks, love." Arthur stood and inspected the peculiar object still casting bright lights within the room.

"So you don't know what it is either?" Alfred questioned lifting a seemingly harmless wand. A stream of light shot through the end and hit Arthur, singeing a small portion of the black cloak and burning his sensitive flesh.

"Ow! Alfred, you stupid wanker - don't touch anything!" Arthur scolded viciously rubbing the harmed area. Alfred only sheepishly grinned before gingerly setting the wand in its original position.

"Well, here goes nothing." Arthur murmured to himself before stepping into the illumine us portal. It grew brighter as it swallowed the English nation and dimmed to its original state once he was completely engulfed. You and Alfred sprinted towards the portal and peered into the blurry picture it projected, but it was too unclear to make out any difference.

"Want to go play video games while he's in there?" Alfred suggested. You smacked his arm and laughed.

"What if he's in trouble and needs our help?" You pointed. Alfred gasped and snatched your arm.

"Arthur needs saved! I'm coming, dude. Don't worry!" Before Alfred could drag you into the portal, a hand reached out and grasped the wall causing Alfred to shriek and pull you into his chest, practically clinging onto you for dear life.

"C-Can't - breathe!" You gasped out slightly enjoying the proximity. His grip loosened slightly until the figure within the portal conjured another arm and a head. You cried out as someone climbed their way from the portal and into the room, but calmed when you realized it was Arthur.

"Alfred," You pushed him away enough to breathe and, unfortunately, remove his face from the crook of your neck. "It's just Arthur."

"You two are still here?!" Arthur exclaimed as he stood up straight and brushed himself off. All if the ash and glass had been removed, and he looked positively dashing. He was adorned in a brand new set of clothing and perfectly polished shoes to match.

"You were only gone a few seconds-" Alfred stated gazing at him curiously.

"No, I was gone for two weeks."

"Amazing! I've managed to create a portal into an alternate universe which not only holds a different reality, but ages faster as well!" Arthur seemed to be patting himself on the back for his accidental, yet admittedly cool, achievement.

"What's it like?" You inquired glance in awe at the swirling colors on the wall. Arthur seemed quite ecstatic to share his discoveries.

"It was absolutely brilliant! It's like everything is completely opposite in such a similar way," He continued to describe the world the best he could, but stated that it was difficult to explain something like that to someone who had never been. He was able to pique Alfred's interest when he brought about the next subject. "There are even these strange variations of us!"

"Us? What were we all like? Obviously my patriotism is so strong that the other me is a hero too, right," Alfred's eyes were gleaming at the idea of a copy of himself. "We could totally be a super team!"

"Actually - he's the opposite. He's not a very kind person at all." Arthur claimed rubbing the back of his neck when Alfred's face fell. It suddenly shot into an excited expression beaming happiness.

"So - I really am a hero!" Alfred exclaimed releasing his boisterous laughter. He bound towards the portal with a determined expression only to be pulled backwards by both you and Arthur. "Come on, let's go!"

"You can't just do that you bloody idiot. We have to be careful and not attract too much attention to ourselves. All of the nations I met so far are short tempered and ready to fight. Well, except for Oliver. Do not disturb too much." Arthur warned before leading the trio into the alternate dimension.

"Whoa~" Both Alfred and you sighed at the same time. The sky, rather than the bright blue you had been accustomed to, was a swirl of greens, blues, and pinks. They spread far over the horizon which was lit by a bright sun. Arthur grinned widely at how the pair's face lit up.

"So who's Oliver, Arthur?" You asked as he led you through town.

"That's the other version of me. All of the nations have different names than what we know them as," He explained. "Which reminds me - do not eat any of the rubbish pastries that bloody wanker, Oliver, offers you! That's why I was here so long."

"What's my opposite nation like?" You wondered aloud. Arthur tilted his head slightly as the corners of his mouth tilted downwards.

"She's dead." He murmured solemnly. It was silent for a few moments before Alfred's stomach growled and broke the tense air.

"When are we going to eat?" Alfred whined now dragging his feet.

"After we meet everyone. They promised we could stay with them." Arthur smacked the back of Alfred's head as they walked to a bright, fluorescent pink house decorated with pastel accents. In quite a few places, however, crude graffiti masked the house with swear words, threats, and rather inappropriate pictures. From within, music was blaring loud enough for anyone within the decent sized town to hear it.

"Something is wrong." Arthur mumbled as he grimaced at the picture.

"Artie~ You good looking devil, you!" A man almost identical to Arthur wrapped his arms around the Brit's head. He had strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and wore bright pastel colors including a large amount of pink.

"H-hello Oliver. How have you b-been?" Arthur was struggling to breathe from the strong death grip Oliver had on him.

"You said you'd be back in no time, but you were gone for two whole weeks," Oliver stroked Arthur's hair possessively. He whispered the second part, but you could still catch it. "Looks like someone needs to be punished~"

You coughed rather loudly as a blush bloomed across your and Arthur's faces. Alfred simply had his arms resting on his hips as he glanced around the area. He was so oblivious sometimes.

"Oh! I almost forgot, but I just finished a new batch of cupcakes," Oliver's eyes cast a glance towards you and Alfred with a dangerous glint in his eyes. "I know how much you enjoyed them, so your friends will just adore them."

Arthur grimaced as Oliver dragged everyone into the house. He swallowed his pride and decided to put up with this psychopath's behavior just so you and Alfred could experience what he had discovered. The living room appeared to have once been a cozy, hospitable area, but now there were items littering the entire room.

More graffiti decorated the walls along with several knives and a baseball bat with nails haphazardly hammered into it struck in the wall. You hoped that the claret liquid dribbling down the wall from the bat was not blood; the sickening iron smell, however, seemed to contradict it rather persuasively. Beer cans and used cigarettes littered the floor causing their foul stenches to mix within the air and into you nostrils rather unpleasantly.

"Ugh! What happened here?" Arthur's nose wrinkled while he cautiously scrutinized the weapons sticking from the wall.

"Ah, well, America - er - Allen is staying a while-"

"The other me did this," Alfred exclaimed shifting his gaze from everything in the room to Oliver every so often.

"Yes. He's always expressed himself in creative manners," Oliver admired the mess before speaking up again. "If you're Allen's other, then who must this beautiful little poppet be?" You blushed when he snatched up your hand and kissed the knuckles.

"Ah, I'm _____." You pulled the hand away and hid it from view. Oliver's eyes widened and he stepped away.

"I knew you looked familiar. You shouldn't be here-" He whispered starting to push you out the door.

"Now wait just a minute," Arthur began to pull back on Oliver while Alfred cheered him on rather obnoxiously.

A loud bang resonated throughout the entire house. Oliver desperately tried to push you out of the door, but Arthur kept that from happening.

"Oliver," A loud voice similar to Alfred's but a bit more monotone with a rougher, dangerous, gravel feel to it. "I'm starving!"

"Well we share that much," Alfred mumbled patting his gut.

"Aha~ Of course," Oliver called back before lowering his voice again. "Please. Just trust me."

"What's taking so-" The voice had entered the room, so Oliver swiftly spun around and hid you behind his slender back. A tan man with mahogany hair swaggered into the doorway and stood with evident pride. A pair of dark tinted sunglasses tweeted on the tip of his nose which revealed the deepest, most beautiful crimson eyes when he placed them atop his head. His jeans seemed as if they were forcefully torn and decorated with the same liquid that splattered the wall. His white tee, too, was splattered with a questionable red substance, but he also had a large, dark leather jacket and ebony gloves to match which remained untouched.

"Eh, sorry. Just greeting some friends." Allen sneered at the two men exposing a missing tooth.

"Ah, these yuppies. Wait-" Allen peered around Oliver who quickly shifted away from him taking you along with him. "Who's that?"

"Who? What? Weren't you hungry?" Oliver sheepishly smiled trying to escape from the room with you behind him. Allen growled and seized your wrist, violently dragging you in front of him and dangling in the air.

Allen's eyes widened and gently set you back on your feet. He covered his mouth with one hand while hiding a horrified expression. There was anger, then sadness, confusion, and something indescribable flashing through his eyes.

"__-_____?" Allen stepped closer to you causing you to take a step back. After a while of gazing at the other, he pulled you in by your waist and latched his mouth to yours. The passionate kiss held indescribable emotions which he seemed incapable of. You felt as his tongue slipped across your mouth where you felt the cool metal of his tongue piercing. His fingers entwined themselves into your hair while your arms stayed strictly to your sides.

He finally noticed that you were not kissing him back and hesitantly pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. From behind this strange version of your friend, the normal Alfred and Arthur stood with blatantly obvious horrified expressions. Alfred marched straight up to him and attempted to pull you away from him without hurting you.

"What the hell are you doing?" Allen growled at Alfred while pulling you into him tighter. He had you positioned so that your back rested against his chest and you both faced the blonde American with hatred burning in his eyes. Allen possessively rested his head on the top of yours while he fiddled mindlessly with your fingers.

"I'm trying to save my friend from a perverted stranger!" Alfred hollered at the crimson eyed man. The volume of his voice may have been too loud, but it touched you to see him act so - jealous? Your heart thumped sporadically when his eyes caught your, but it nearly stopped every time this new man gingerly kissed your hair.

"What's your name?" Allen inquired in a soft voice which caused Oliver to gain a shocked expression.

"I'm Alfred F. Jones! And I'm the hero!" Alfred proclaimed striking a superhero pose. Allen didn't even try to stifle the low chuckle which you felt rumble through his chest.

"So you're the other me, huh," he cracked a grin. He cockily grasped your head between his hands and took note of how Alfred tensed up. Allen's tongue darted from his mouth and met with the side of your face. He licked from your chin towards your temple where he planted a kiss. His tongue ring added an entirely new sensation which you had to guiltily admit was pleasurable with a slightly noticeable shudder. "Call me Al - and I guess I'll be the villain."

Well here's a thing I wrote during a 17 hour drive without stopping, save for pit stops, to Maine. That's an awful, awful thing to do - drive for seventeen hours. It was originally only suppose to take 12, but we drove in the middle of a blizzard, so it nearly doubled!
I love Maine, though. And it was nice to see my family again despite the reason we had actually gone.

Well here's by first shot using a 2p as a romantic type of...thing. This will probably have one or two more chapters and then the two different endings. Hope you enjoy! :D

I own nothing! Except the story :D
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